Perhaps you would like to know "Who the heck I am?"
No... ??
Well, seeing as you are on the "About" page, I'll tell you anyways...

I am a singer/songwriter, musician, composer, producer, from the Great White North. (That be Canada).
I play a few different instruments, but my main, and favorite, is the guitar and singing. To me, there is nothing like sitting with a couple friends and jamming around the campfire with a small and intimate audience of friends and family. (My biggest fans, thanks Mom!)

I also own ManyTone Music, a company that specializes in digital audio software for recording musicians worldwide.

I also am a moderator at one of the worlds largest digital audio music forums and communities

I occasionally write a good tune that hopefully some of you might enjoy downloading and listening to. I write a large variety of musical styles, so please check out the various genres and phases of my life. If you ever need a song or soundtrack for your project, please don't hesitate to contact me. Between myself, and my company, ManyTone Music, we have a "Large" network of musicians and associates that are more than capable and willing to help you out with your musical projects. I would also just love to hear your feedback, so please drop me a line.