Below you will find links to download some of my music. I'll eventually have 3 complete albums plus a bunch of other bits and pieces here. For now there is a few tracks to start. I'll update with more soon. Each album is in a different genre/style of music so check them all out, there might be something you'll enjoy listening to.

 You can download the files in mp3 format below. Please remember while you listen, that some of these tracks are quite a few years old. I've surely learned a lot about producing since those days, but, feel that some of this should be shared with others. Enjoy it for what it is. It captures a point and part of my Life that I want to share with you.

TITLE - Undone - I Have Become  
ARTIST - Paul Martin Brown - AKA: ManyTone
GENRE - Rock - Various Styles
YEAR - Album to be Released. Covers material from 1999 - 2008
DESCRIPTION - Various collection of Rock oriented material that I have wrote and recorded over the years and released as single songs on the internet. They never really had a "proper home". But now they do. I have assembled them into an album and called it: "Undone - I Have Become"

Track 01 - Shadow of the City.mp3
Track 02 - Medicate.mp3
Track 03 - Nothin's Gonna Change.mp3
Track 04 - Top Modern Girl.mp3
Track 05 - In Life.mp3
Track 06 - Fork.mp3
Track 07 - World Gone Crazy.mp3
Track 08 - Well of Creation.mp3
Track 09 - Undone - I Have Become.mp3
Track 10 -
Track 11 -
Track 12 -                            (More tracks from this album coming soon)
Track 13 -
Track 14 -

Paul Martin Brown - Lyrics, Vocals, Music and Production.
Emerald Tablet - Lyrics Shadow of the City and Well of Creation.
Kriminal - Some of the Synths on Medicate as well as Background vocals on Medicate. Co-wrote Lyrics and Music on Undone I have become.
Donkey Tugger - Co-wrote music on TopModern Girl.
TITLE - Perseids
ARTIST - Paul Martin Brown - AKA: ManyTone
GENRE - Ambient - Space Oriented Synthesizer Instrumental
YEAR - 2004
DESCRIPTION - A series of Ambient songs inspired by the Perseid meteor shower.
Please note that these MP3 rips were put up quickly to honor this years Perseids Shower. They will be replaced with better MP3 rips in the near future.

Track 01 - Perseids - Approaching the Comet.mp3
Track 02 - Perseids - The Journey.mp3
Track 03 - Perseids - The Ice Tail.mp3
Track 04 - Perseids - Tuttles Tears.mp3
Track 05 - Perseids - Trails of the Vapors.mp3
Track 06 - Perseids - Coma Sleeps.mp3
Track 07 - Perseids - Big Bang Theory.mp3

TITLE - Varty Von Tchopchowski - Digital Sim-Phoney
ARTIST - Paul Martin Brown - AKA: ManyTone
GENRE - Electronic Instrumental - Various Styles
YEAR - 2001
DESCRIPTION - A collection of grooves, beats and songs all centered around the synthesizer and the wild sounds one can create when given the chance to exploit it.
You have to remember something while listening to this - I am mainly a guitar player/songwriter. This is the results of the experiments that might happen when you put a digital recording studio and a bunch of synths in a guitar player/songwriter/producers hands.

Track 01 -
Track 02 -
Track 03 -
Track 04 - WoWoWoWoW.mp3
Track 05 -
Track 06 - Mario's Fishin' Trip.mp3
Track 07 -
Track 08 -
Track 09 -
Track 10 -
Track 11 -                        (More tracks will be added soon)
Track 12 -
Track 13 -
Track 14 -


Bits and Bops
Other various tunes and tracks I have worked on.

1 - Goodbye.mp3
Goodbye was a collaboration with 3 other guys from around the world, (Sascha from Germany, SJdigriz from USA, Donkey Tugger from UK and myself from Canada). It never really had a home so here it is. This is one of my favorites! Amazing what can be done over the internet. Vocals are wrote and sung by SJDigriz. I am singing the background vocals however.

2 - Sock.mp3
Not Safe for Work or Kids or perhaps even Wives. Play at your own risk. A friend (Emerald Tablet) posted a picture of himself on KVR, wearing nothing but a Sock. He cut off the Sock part though and said if someone writes a song about it, he'll post the whole Picture. Well the song is here ... I'll spare you from the picture however. ;-)

                                      (More tracks will be added soon)