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What's this all about then?

The Bits is my almost Blog/Diary, where I will post random thoughts and pictures etc.
If you dare to continue, you are on your own, but be sure to take it all with a grain of salt.

Sunday August 10th 2008

Yeah, Yeah, About fcukin' time. Check out the Music Page. I finally have a reasonable amount of tracks up for you to hear. It ain't easy being an Old Hippie Musician. On that note, I got up off the couch and decided to post some tracks. If you like what you hear, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line please..... If you don't like what you hear.... Well, what the Fork are you doing here in the first place ....Fork off.

Off topic but not....
The perseids meteor shower peaks tomorrow night (Aug 11th 2008). Best after Midnight or 2 to 4 am from my vantage point in Western Canada. The Meteor shower is what inspired the Perseids Album, now available on my Music page. As I wrote it a few years ago, this years recurrence inspired me to upload the tracks to their proper home, as well as some other crazy stuff that has come out of me ....
Spacey eh? or not ;-)

My sister is getting married soon.... If you have a suit that might fit me please contact me. I can't do the top button up on the 1 suit I own :-)  (pants part ...size = skinny old Hippie)
Sunday December 9th 2007

Hard to believe a month plus has passed since my last entry here. I really expected to get this site and my music on line by now.

As you can see though, that has not happened yet. Real life has a way of keeping you busy sometimes so that you can't accomplish all the things you want. But it is amazing how in the last month, I have got a lot of other things accomplished besides this site.

The main thing that has delayed me getting anything done here on this site, was the fact that my main business web site, ManyTone had a severe Server failure. Not only did our (ahem...old) host lose our Live website files, they also lost their backup copy.

Luckily I had the website and all the data backed up here and was able to spend the last weeks uploading 7 gig of files and updating the pages etc.  As said, I now host the site with another company, (DreamHost, the same guys who host this PMB website.)
Wow....ever want a great host (so far) check out DreamHost.
The customer service and website up time has been 110% + so far!

I also had a friend with a severe Hard drive crash, and just helped him to learn something about computers. He was a total nerd... which is different than a geek. He did however learn from me How to rebuild his system... He is well on the way to geek now. Congrats Ken! Glad you are back on the net. Glad I wasn't Bev last week ;-) (Ken's Wife).

Back to this site though. I started making the music page here on my desktop working copy of the website, before the ManyTone server crash. Realized it may take me a bit of time to get all the music I want to put online here. I had not even made mp3's of most of my songs yet. So now I need to find the time to get to that and making this site at least half working.

Ya Right ...Christmas is coming. Who has any time at Christmas?
However, I will be trying to find some time.  Ya, Time... and trying to find it... email me if you have some to spare, or perhaps have discovered the Secret Pool.

And to think, my biggest Peeve last month was Bic Lighters. ;-)

BTW, it's my Sisters Birthday today. Happy B'day Sue!

Sunday November 4th 2007

Well, I finally have a web site to post my music and share it with all those that may be interested. As you can see it is a work in progress and I will be adding to it over the next days/weeks. There will be at least 3 full albums of music here for you to download and listen to. You can download the files for free in mp3 format.

As mentioned above, I am busy working on the web site and being that it is new, you won't find a lot of my ramblings yet..... but there is one thing I want to get off my chest so I'll do that now.....

Why the hell did the Bic lighter company remove the adjustable flame dial from their lighters? They are now forcing me to burn a flame that is twice the size of what I need. The lighter thereby burns out faster. Hmmmm, perhaps a marketing ploy to make me purchase another one sooner.

No way Bic.... I won't have it. I found a dollar store up the road that sells 3 packs of lighters for $1.25, and guess what....they have adjustable flames. Goodbye Bic!

Don't forget the grain of salt ;-)

A quick thanks to Gregjazz for the web help. I'll be back once I have more to talk about.